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Grand Opening

On the 1st of November 2012, we opened our location at 98 Bridge Street in New Cumberland PA. We are pleased to be a part of such a robust local business community.

I will be very honest with you. I love teaching martial arts. I started this journey as a way to stay active after retiring from boxing, and at the time I would never have thought that I would be where I am today.

The interesting thing about the martial arts profession is that no one starts classes with the intention of having a school of their own. As a student, you may really like martial arts-you may even love it, but to do this for a living..., you have to be called.

I feel that I am called.

Understand that we charge you monthly tuition for our services. Like any business, we have certain overhead expenses that we must meet in order to continue our work. However, I can assure you that no one will work harder for your tuition each month to train you (or your child) like the champion that we know you/they can be on and off the mat. We will never treat you as a number, but as a gifted pupil. Nor will anyone at our school "sell" or "over sell" you a taekwondo membership with the hope that you will never be able to use it.

With that said, give us a call to schedule a tour/trial. You will find us refreshing amidst other competitors that don't offer nearly the level of genuine experiences, meaningful rewards, or life-long memories as our academy.


About Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts s a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees’ Martial Arts programs for members of all ages. Our programs enrich their personal and professional lives in many ways. Tiger-Rock programs are a blend of modern sport science, the latest research, and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the most effective experience available.