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When parents are looking for karate lessons in New Cumberland Pennsylvania for their kids, they typically have many questions and unsure how to make the proper decision.  This will help answer many questions I have been asked when looking for karate lessons for kids.


I am the owner of Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania, providing the best quality martial arts and fitness training in Central Pennsylvania to children, teens, and adults.  Tiger Rock Martial Arts offers TaeKwonDo (Karate), Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Self Defense, with convenient class schedules.

I have been training in martial artist for nearly 20 years; 18 years as an amateur boxer, 15 years as a hand to hand close combat instructor in the Marine Corps combined with my time as an instructor with Tiger Rock.  Over the years, I have answered many questions about children training in martial arts finding a good place to train.  I believe these questions are a lot easier to answer and want to outline some things for people to consider.

All the benefits children can receive from martial arts are true.  Without a doubt, martial arts are one of the best activities for children to take in order to become a well-rounded individual.  There really is not another activity that places as much emphasis on athletic performance, personal growth, and discipline.  It has been my experience that a large majority of children, who have taken martial arts, excel in other sports and academics.  There are many reasons to show how this happens, but the end result is all that parents are truly interested in knowing.  Ultimately, parents make the decision on martial arts being an adequate program for children based on what they want in an activity.

When a parent makes the decision for their child to train in martial arts, then the multitude of questions arises.  In this multi-part series, I am going to pose some questions and discussions to help parents decide in finding  a quality martial arts studio for their child:

Would you take your child to a doctor’s office which was in a warehouse, gymnasium, or run-down old building that was dirty, bad odor, with old equipment?  Of course you would not go to any place like this with your child which is why you should avoid bringing your child to a martial arts academy that is similar.   A warehouse was designed for storage; a gymnasium for playing basketball or large events; and a run-down old building is something nobody wants to invest in making better.  None of these places were designed to have a true martial arts studio or any program teaching children.   Parents want to be reassured their kids will not receive infections or other types of bacterial skin rashes which is why the facility needs to look professional and clean.  Parents should decide if this is a place where they feel comfortable and safe to be around day or night.  Parents should consider that they may be waiting around for their child’s class to be completed or on the other hand, the child waiting on you to come pick them up.  I can assure you that your child will always be safe if you are running a little behind picking them up from class.

Tiger Rock Martial Arts, providing the best quality martial arts and fitness training in New Cumberland to children, teens, and adults.  Tiger Rock Martial Arts offers TaeKwonDo (Karate), Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Fitness, Weight Loss, and Self Defense with convenient class schedules.

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