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The Power of Appreciation

Many years ago, before becoming a Martial Arts instructor in New Cumberland Pennsylvania, I ran across someone who gave me a “Superpower” that I have tried to use to the best of my ability.  I would like to share it with you and give you the “Superpower” as well.

I remember a few years ago, while training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) in Quantico, a Lieutenant Colonel was giving a class on how to disarm an opponent holding a knife.  After the period of instruction, he gathered everyone around and started talking about how appreciative he was that we was there, able to teach the next generation of Marines.  He talked about how appreciative he was to have a great family, a great job that he loved in the Marine Corps and life in general.  He was truly a rich man. 

He then started to talk about giving us this “Superpower”; The Power of Appreciation.  He said that he has gained so much in life just by being appreciative and truly showing it, to the people that do things for him.  It REALLY got me thinking.  I decided right then and there that I was going to try to be more like him and life my life appreciative of what I had and what people did for me and to SHOW it through my actions.  

Think about these people: the bank teller, the garbage man, a teacher, a law enforcement officer, your parents.  These are all people that do things for us.  But think about how little their efforts are acknowledged.  When was the last time you brought a lollipop to the bank teller, instead of the other way around?  When was the last time you made lemonade on a hot morning for the garbage man and said “thank you”.  When was the last time you did the old fashioned thing of bringing an apple to your teacher?  When was the last time you just walked up to a police officer and said “thank you” and brought them some coffee?  And sadly, when was the last time you seriously, without joking around, said thank you to your parents for giving you the breath in your lungs and the food that nourished you through childhood?

When you stop to think about it, you should be humbled by what is done for you on a daily basis by others.  Try to give back, starting with a simple “thank you”.   I don’t care what religion you subscribe to, if any at all but the “Golden Rule” does apply and is a universal wisdom.  Doing this, showing appreciation, on a consistent basis will lead to incredible returns and leads to a rich life.


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