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TKD is not just for kids! Part 1 of a Three Part Series

TaeKwonDo (TKD) and Martial Arts in general is, by many, thought to be a "Kids only" activity.  Having started TKD at the age of 36 years old as a way to stay active after retiring from 18 years of amature boxing, I can safely tell you that it is for all of us kids from 4 to 104.  It is a great total body workout.  In fact, the estimated caloric expenditure for TaeKwonDo is from 12.17 cal/min to 18.17 cal/min depending on your size, which is more than most sports.

Specifically, coming from a boxing background, I chose Tiger Rock because, unlike other versions of TKD, we teach the students to keep their hand up, which makes our TKD more of an actual self defense/combat style of the art.  There's nothing wrong with the other styles at all.  They are also a great workout and very athletic and artistic but for me, Tiger Rock was a better transition from my personal combat sport background. 

TKD addresses three components of a well balanced exercise program: cardio respiratory endurance, muscular endurance and flexibility.  It increases power, strength, agility, coordination, reaction time, balance and speed.  

For the adults that do not want to spar, we have an option called the Elite Counter Aggression System (ECAS). This is a segment in our TKD class that teaches the student to use the basic skills learned to combat the civilian threats found in our daily lives.  Learning these skills and practicing them on a regular basis prepares us for anything that might come our way, as we move about in our communities.

If TKD is not for you, we have an intense Adult Strength and Conditioning training class . It is offered three times per week and on personal training sessions, so that so you can get your workout in on your schedule.  TaeKwonDo, Strength and Conditioning, or a combination, it can't hurt to give it a try. Give us a try!  Located at 98 Bridge Street in New Cumberland and serving all of Central Pennsylvania.  See you on the mat!


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