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Tournament Hot Wash

We have gone over in past blogs, the reason for martial artists to attend a tournament.  Working against the Fight or Flight mechanism and recognizing it for what it is and being able to control it, will help in future contests both with rules and without.  But I would like to talk about the kinder and gentler side of a Tiger Rock tournament for a moment.

Being the new franchisee in the organization, this was the first time I attended as both a competator and as an owner and I have to say that this one was an eye opener.


Having so many senior taekwondo martial artists to draw information from is truely an asset.  ANYONE at ANYTIME could ask ANY Master Instructor (6th degree and above) for help on the mechanics or art of a movement and the Instructor would stop and help them with their question.  This is truely a great organization.  

Yes, there's competition.  Yes, each owner wants their students to win medals.  Let's face it, a jump spin kick to the head is a great thing.  However, at the end of the day, what I saw went beyond martial arts.  For the rest of their lives, the people who competed will take this experience with them for the rest of their lives.  

Friends were made, good times were had, and if you came away without learning anything, you're just wrong.

We are a small school but we are continueing to grow.  All five competators that we sent to High Point came back with at least one medal.  This gave me a confidence boost as an instructor that I am not only teaching the material, I am teaching it well enough to compete with schools that have more than just a 1st degree black belt at their disposal.  I now believe we can compete with anyone in this organization.  I eagerly anticipate the World tournament in New Orleans in July and the next National tournament in November in Cary NC.


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