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This cycle tenant is all about strength. Strength is the ability to withstand pressure, both physically and mentally. Only when standing up for what is right does one know their full strength.

Many people have the strength to do good things when times are good and things are going well for them. A true test of a person’s character is when things are going bad and they are under pressure. THAT is when the true nature of a person is revealed.

On the physical side, there is, of course, the strength of muscle and conditioning. We try to hone that in our workouts at the school but you must live the tenants at home and in your everyday life for them to be effective. Martial artists should be strong not just in their biceps but in heart and lungs; that will carry them through when they are tired.

However, what we truly seek in the martial arts is really on the mental side. This is when one stands up for those who cannot or will not stand up for themselves. I am reminded of one such student at our school. He’s in middle school and saw a child in a wheelchair being physically and verbally bullied by three high school kids. Out of an incredible sense of what was right, he ran up to the high school kids, who were much bigger and physically stronger that he was and told them to stop. They responded with callous comments but fortunately it didn’t go beyond that and they soon left the scene. We are proud to have that student at our school and hope that his positive mental attitude spreads to everyone who walks through our doors.

I’d like to talk about another element on the mental side that martial arts helps with. Just life in general. How many of you have seen someone just collapse from the pressures of life? Many of us have seen some people just "give up". They shrug their shoulders as if to say, "I’ll never be able to do it" and you know what? They are RIGHT! A strong mind, tempered by facing the reality on the mat that one is sometimes just not not good enough, is a good thing to have. Failure in training on the mat is not failure at life. Rather, training on the mat ensures success in life. Life, like a good sparring partner, is GOING to kick you in the head when you leave your hands down. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to fall down from the blow. What’s NOT ok is giving up just because its hard. Not giving in to the temptation of quitting is where the martial artist finds true strength.


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