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Summertime and the Martial Arts

  When I initially told my Instructors that I was thinking of opening my own school, they were happy for me to take that leap.  They were very supportive and offered a LOT of advice on how to provide the best training for the future students that would walk through my doors. 
  They also offered a lot of insight to the business side ebb and flow and warned me that summer time would be a time of scarcity.  That insight proved to be correct.  There have been many students and families who have left us since May.  Some have promised to be back in the fall and we will welcome them back with open arms.   But this small exodus got me thinking.
  For kids, who are now free from school, the summer time can be a GREAT opportunity to accelerate their training and take it to the next level.  Rather than spend their time studying their subjects, which should always take precedence, in the summertime, they have more hours in the day to commit to their martial arts learning.  Whether it be checking out the new Tiger Rock videos that litter the internet or going to class during the day time (if their school, like ours, offers that), the summer time can be a great learning experience in the arts.  For our own school, a martial arts summer camp can be the perfect spring board to take their training up a notch.  
  Our Weapons Camp is in the books and it could not have gone better.  Students who couldn’t do a twirl of a Bo staff at the beginning of the week were doing figure eight’s at a National Champ level by Friday.  Kids that couldn’t put together a kick with a weapon were soon doing tricks with weapons in hand.  As an instructor, I was deeply satisfied to hear on more than one occasion “this is the coolest thing I’ve ever done”.  Personally, I hope that Tiger Rock starts to have weapons as part of the tournament cycle. We’d be well set to take the whole thing.
  Going forward, we are having our TKD camp starting at the end of this month (29th) and ending on the 9th of August. Every day from 9am – 2pm will be spent studying TKD and other arts as well.  We have instructors from Hapkido, BJJ, and possibly Kung Fu, and Kenpo coming in to give seminars on their arts and provide our students with a different perspective from their arts.  Also, since the students will be going back to school shortly after the camp, we will be offering anti bullying training from the Tiger Rock Bully Know program.  Students will learn a traditional form and make their own creative free design form in addition to their regular testing requirements.  We will also incorporate Xtreme elements and perform a show at the belt ceremony.  Boards and boundaries will be broken at this one!
  If you’d like to be a part of the fun and hard work, come on out and bring your friends to the premier martial arts training facility in New Cumberland.  See you on the mat!


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