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Tournament Recap

It was a GREAT weekend for the academy!  I have always been a little warry of the number 13.  However, 13 prooved to be our lucky number, because 13 was the number of students we sent to the National Tiger Rock Taekwondo Tournament in High Point NC on November 9th.

Our school came back with 25 medals but more important than the medals was how our school performed as a TEAM.  I remember looking around and seeing that our school was the only school that, after their individual event was over, stuck around to cheer on their fellow TKD schoolmates.  Having the entire school around your ring definately helps when it comes time to whip it on!  I am proud of you all!

Ryan S: Gold in Form, Gold in Sparring

Andy W: Silver in Team Adult Team Free Design, Silver in Sparring

Jacob P: Gold in Board Breaking, Gold in Sparring (remaining undefeated in Tiger Rock competition!), and Bronze in Youth Single Free Design

Freddy M: Silver in Board Breaking, Bronze in Sparring, Silver in Adult Team Free Design

Hanna K: Gold in Forms, Silver in Sparring

Adrena K: Silver in Board Breaking, Gold in Junior Team Free Design

Mrs Keeton: Gold in Sparring

Breanna W: Gold in Junior Team Free Design, Silver in Board Breaking

Cody B: Silver in Board Breaking 

Edwin R: Gold in Youth Single Free Design, Bronze in Forms

Mr Mattick: Gold in Adult Agility Course, Silver in Board Breaking 

Anthony M: Gold in Forms, Gold in Sparring

"Action" Jackson M: Gold in Tiger Cub division for being awesome!


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