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Things to be thankful for

It is that time of year again.  Time to give thanks for what you have.  We at the academy have a LOT to be thankful for!  We have great students and parents who support their budding martial arts athletes.  Although nothing is EXACTLY as we would like them to be, if things were easy, we wouldn't appreciate them as much.

As an Instructor, it is great to be part of an organization like Tiger Rock.  Being in the Marine Corps for as long as I was, I can recognise and appreciate professionalism in large organizations and Tiger Rock is no exception.  Their training and education requirements are by far, the best in the business.

Althought I got into the martial arts a little late in life and started my own school far away from the "hub" of Tiger Rocks in the Carolinas, I am absolutely THRILLED with the progress we've made so far.  13 National Champions and 5 World Champions is nothing to sneeze at!  I'm happy that we are able to go to tournaments and do well despite the fact that I am only a 1st Degree Black Belt and other schools have much senior artists on the staff, much less owning the school.  Our little New Cumberland school is making waves!

On another note, I truely believe that we are making great martial artists who can actually defend themselves one day if they ever need it.  With knowing how to defend yourself there comes confidence and with confidence come the ability to stand up to people who bully.  There are many horor stories of schools just promoting to promote and collect the testing fee.  Beware of these schools.

It's also great to have a supporting effort in my kids, wife, and Mr Meza and Mr White.  On more than one occasion, you have started classes or taken them over completely while I had other business to attend to.  It's great to have you all on board! 

I hope that you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and and I'll see you on the mat on Monday!  Be ready to work!


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