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100 Students!

  Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania started a little over a year ago.  In that time frame, we have created 13 National Champions, 5 World Champions, and as of this week, have hit the 100 student mark!  What a year it has been!

  In the beginning of every business owner's adventure, there comes a time when we question everything we have done and are doing.  That was no different for me.  I questioned everything.  Was I high enough in rank? Was I choosing the right location? Did I have enough education? Shouldn't I wait until I was actually out of the Marine Corps before starting a business? and on and on and on....

  Suffice to say, we have done VERY well in New Cumberland and have no intention of leaving.  Sure, there are MANY striking art schools with MUCH more senior ranking individuals teaching and instructing but when I take a look at what they offer and what we offer, I'll go with Tiger Rock every time.  

  There's something to be said for having a large organization behind you.  While not everything is as I would like it, the backup they give is second to none.  There is something to be said when you go to a tournament and everyone there is doing the same thing you are doing and has the same curriculum.  I have made friends all over the organization and know that I will make more going forward.

  Special thanks definately goes out to the TKD parents.  You guys are absolutely GREAT!  We couldn't do it without you!

  Here's to another GREAT year!  Bring on 2014!


About Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts s a National franchising company providing health, skills and fitness training through its franchisees’ Martial Arts programs for members of all ages. Our programs enrich their personal and professional lives in many ways. Tiger-Rock programs are a blend of modern sport science, the latest research, and hundreds of years of martial arts tradition to provide you with the most effective experience available.