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Why Students Should Compete

The National Tournament is coming up soon and I want to 
encourage students to take advantage of this opportunity to 
experience fun competition. This is your chance to play in 
the "big game". Remember that nobody sits on the bench 
on our team and the championship game is coming up. 
Your coach is telling you to "get in the game and play" and 
we need you to help the team be victorious! 
I am a competitor who loves the "thrill of victory" and learns 
from "the agony of defeat". Competition provides me the 
opportunity to have these experiences and test my training. 
I can honestly say that I have reached my current levels in 
martial arts through regular competition; it will also help me 
reach my future goals in martial arts. In order to reach 
these higher goals, I must challenge myself to compete 
against other top martial artists. My mental capacity inside 
training and awareness on abilities thus increases 
drastically as I prepare for these competitions. As a coach, 
it is my responsibility to encourage students to have the 
same expectations in their training. 
Competition is a necessary part of life. You will always 
compete with academics, workforce, and day-to-day life 
experiences. Martial arts competition will help students 
overcome fear, interpretation, and intimidation in a safe and 
healthy environment. Competing not only makes you a 
better martial artist, it makes you a better person. Making 
ourselves better, in one fashion or another, is simply why 
we all started training in martial arts. 
Tiger Rock is a special team that wants to create 
multiple opportunities to excel your training and 
increase your positive experience. This is the last big 
game of the season and we need all teammates to 
help us be successful. I, along with the trainers, am 
working hard to ensure you are victorious in your 
endeavors. We are available to answer any questions 
you may have on the upcoming tournament. Now, 
grab your gear, get signed up, and prepare to bring 
home the gold! 

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