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Six Tips for Older Martial Arts Students

6 Tips for Older Martial Arts Students

Even if you are not a spring chicken anymore, you can still practice martial arts. Young people aren’t the only ones who can benefit from these ancient practices. Whether you are 55 or 70, martial arts can still get you into great shape and improve your mood and well-being. Older students can also visit Swords of the East for more tips and practices. Here are six tips for older martial arts students.

Stretch Beforehand

As you get older, it becomes even more important to stretch before a workout like martial arts. Your muscles and tendons aren’t as flexible anymore, so you can easily get injured. Make sure to stretch for at least five to ten minutes. Roll your head around in a circle, touch your toes and move your shoulders around.

Talk to Your Doctor

It is a really good idea to talk to your doctor before you start practicing martial arts. Martial arts can be a very physical sport and might be hard on those who have heart problems or are severely out of shape. Ask him if he thinks it’s safe for you to practice martial arts or not.

Ask the Master for Help

Before you start your martial arts class, talk to the master instructor and tell him that you are a beginner. Many martial arts masters are very accommodating to older adults and are willing to help. Stay close to the instructor, and do not be afraid to ask him for help if you don’t understand a particular move or technique.

Take Breaks

Remember that it is perfectly okay to take breaks. Martial arts can be an intense sport for elderly beginners, and no one will fault you for taking a break. Go get a drink of water or just sit down in a chair for five minutes.

Study Martial Art Forms at Home

There is nothing wrong with studying martial art forms at home. Purchase a martial arts book from your local bookstore and read about the different kicks and forms. If you take the time to learn about the basics of martial arts, you will be more prepared for your class. Your martial arts instructor will be very impressed that you took the time to learn about the practice beforehand.

Wear Martial Arts Shoes

If your instructor allows it, consider wearing martial arts shoes during class. These shoes are specifically made to protect your feet from bruising and dislocations. When you wear these shoes, you do not have to worry about anything happening to your feet. If you have to go without shoes, you should at least put tape around your toes and ankles. The tape will give your feet a little protection and will prevent your toes from getting stuck in the mat.

If you follow these very helpful tips, you can succeed at martial arts and have a very enjoyable time. These exercises will provide you with a great workout that will burn calories, increase muscle tone and flexibility and improve your mood. Another way to be involved in martial arts as you age is to begin a sword collection. If your love of martial arts extends beyond the dojo, check out more details and useful tips on Swords of the East.


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