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District Tournament Hotwash

AgilityThe first annual District Tournament held in Stafford VA was a huge success! I, for one, am proud of the effort put forth by those who competed and those who had a hand in setting it up!

    The intent of the tournament was to test just the basics of what we do as TKD Martial Artists.  Just Forms, Sparring, Board Breaking and Agility.  There were no Extreme forms, Free Design Forms, Open Sparring, Weapons categories, ECAS, or Team events.  Just the basics.  

    And our students performed superbly at all of those things.  As an instructor, it is good to see that the basics are being adhered to and fostered in a great environment of support from parents, instructors, and fellow students alike!  On more than one occasion, students and parents from the other schools would remark to me about how sportsmanlike and positive our competitors were.  This is good to hear!

    Next year, we get to host the event!  It's going to be bigger and better than ever!  Can't wait to see you there!    


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