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Kids in the Martial Arts during Summer Time

It's Summertime!  It's a GREAT time to be a kid in the martial arts!  No school, no job, just time to study your art!  At Tiger Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania, we have special summer evening schedules and full daytime summer camps!

As an instructor, I do notice a difference between the kids that go to the summer camps or stick with evening classes verses the ones who go away on vacation.  As with anything in life, those that stick it out during the summer months, or in the case of other sports, the off season, generally tend to be better when it's time to kick it up again for performance or competition.

My recommendation to those who are going on a long vacation is to keep in touch with your TKD through our Distance program.  Keep a log of what you do and come in when you can while watching our training videos.  You will also need a private lesson before any rank testing.

If you have any questions on anything, please contact us at the academy for details.


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