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Taking the hit

Welcome to TaeKwonDo!  You WILL get kicked and punched in the head and torso on a weekly basis!  Sounds like fun doesn't it?!  Seriously though, it amazes me how many people are so able to take the hits to their body on a weekly basis but they are not able to take them when it comes to certain aspects of their life.

We have had students who have been awesome at sparring and forms but when it came time to test for their next belt, they forgot to put forth their all.  They forgot a stance, they forgot to keep their hands up, etc.  Now, you would expect that a student like that would come back to the mat after gettiung a "no change" but sometimes they don't.  They fail to see that the lessons they are getting on the mat are not just for the mat.  They are for their life as well.  

So when you are learning to take the hit on the mat, don't forget to apply this lesson to life.  You may have a boss who is getting under your skin at work.  You may have had a bad time making certain decisions, or something else.  Just remember to roll with the punches, keep your hands up, and if you get knocked down, GET BACK UP!!!



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