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Bre's Journey to Black Belt

Breanna Whitebread
“My Journey to Black Belt”

My journey to black belt has been an exciting adventure I will never forget! I have learned so much. I have also competed in several tournaments, and done a lot of community service, too. 

I want to be a black belt because I set a goal for myself. I told myself that I would get my black belt and I wouldn't quit or give up. I had set this goal when I was a white belt the first week I joined. I wrote this down in dry erase marker on my mirror so I could look at it everyday. Since I set this goal for myself I want to achieve it! 

I have learned so many things while in the martial arts, whether it may be self defense to life skills. Without martial arts, who knows where I would be. I probably would not have the self-confidence I have today or the ability of not being shy and speaking up for myself. 

I have competed in several tournaments and have competed against many different people. Usually for tournaments, I prepare really hard. When I was getting ready for my first tournament I was a green belt level two and I was constantly practicing. I competed in the regular forms and sparring, team free design, agility, and board breaking. I didn’t do so good in sparring or forms but I had definitely learned from that. I got a silver in board breaking and a gold in team free design. The judges for team free design were very impressed. They had called us over and were complimenting us on our form. They had said that they were most impressed that I was keeping up with a black belt considering I was only a green belt. 

This past world tournament was my first time competing in the youth division and being able to open spar. Open sparring didn't go well for me but that's okay because it was my first time and now I know what to expect for next time when I step into an open sparring ring. For the Ho-Am form I placed second. In the regular point sparring I got first place. I was so amazed because I wasn't expecting it. That taught me not to doubt myself so much.

During my time as a martial artist I have done a lot of community service. One thing I have done was last school year I helped organize the mini thon on and raise money for childhood cancer. We planned this event for a little over 4 months. We raised over $10,000 dollars! Another thing I have done was help the elderly. I went with my mom around to all of her patients houses and helped around their house. I prepared food, got anything they needed, and helped straighten up the house. As of right now I am in a group at my school that helps people. We help with anything from school work or just listening to what people need to talk about. In the summer, I went to a training for it, helped count books throughout the school and helped at the sixth grade orientation. 

This experience has been amazing and I am so excited for what could happen in the future! 


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