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Dirty Dojos Done Dirt Cheap!

This is from another school owner Ran Zohar from Personal Power Martial Arts.  It rings so true with me that I had to share it.

Dirty Dojos Done Dirt Cheap!

Now don’t get me wrong. I agree that price is always an important consideration, but it’s not always the most important consideration.

It’s one thing if you’re shopping for a commodity-type product… A cheaper pair of socks does not necessarily mean sacrificing quality.

However… If you’re shopping around for a kids’martial arts program you’re NOT buying a commodity. You are hiring a teacher, a mentor, a role-model for your child.

In martial arts class your child is going to learn life lessons that will play a huge role in the character, confidence and success of your child for years to come.

The right teacher teaching the right lessons will be an empowering mentor for your child, while the wrong teacher teaching the wrong lessons can have the opposite effect on your child’s character and confidence and even put them in harm’s way and literally endanger their safety.Think about it… Why would a martial arts school decide to be the cheapest?
The only reason to compete on price is when the product is inferior.
If you know you offer the best you charge what you’re worth. If you know you offer garbage you have no other choice but to be cheaper than the competition.

These cheap instructors will never admit that of course. They’ll say things like “we don’t care about money” or “we teach for the love of the art”, but in my experience (and probably yours) anyone who says they don’t care about money is probably lying about other things too, right?

So… If you’re shopping around for a martial arts school, by all means do your homework. Research their reviews and reputation online, talk to the instructor about his/her teaching philosophy, and most importantly – have your kids try the class. Yes, I know you’re busy, butthis is the only way to really see the quality of a program and whther it’s a good fit for your child.

Finding the right teacher should bt your highest priority, even if it means investing a couple more dollars to insure your child gets the best.

We’re talking about your child here. Wouldn’t you agree that it’s always better to pay a little more than you’d like than a little less than you should?


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