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"We love tiger rock. The Keetons and all the other staff are wonderful!"
-Jennifer Arnold-Pease

"Amazing place and people. Wouldn’t change it for ANYTHING"
-Dennis Loxas

"Tiger Rock has been an amazing experience for us. We started out with classes (the summer trial program) for my son, who is on the Autism Spectrum. He did great and the discipline in class was very helpful for him. My daughter and husband joined shortly after. As other reviewers said, the Keetons, and all the families become your 2nd family. Someone's always there to lend an ear, to help you land that kick, and to give you that nudge that you sometimes need- on and off the mat. I can't imagine not having Tiger Rock in our lives. I highly recommend this program for everyone- Tiger Cubs through adults."
-Bonnie Crossley

"I had an excellent time training at this Tiger Rock. The instructers are a perfect mix of understanding and stern. They will push you, but not so hard that you become frustrated. The instructers are fair, and they have good judgement-- you will earn what you deserve. If you are looking to motivate your child in school, the instructers also reward their little martial artists for good report cards! Additionally, there is a large variety of activities, exercises, and things to learn. Thank you, Keetons, for the wonderful experience!"
-Rachel Dunmire

"Tiger Rock is not only a place to learn Martial Arts, it’s a place to learn confidence, make new friends, have fun and try new things. No matter your skill level, age or abilities there is a place for everyone. A place for the whole family to learn & be together. The staff of instructors do a great job with all ages. The owners are awesome."
-Kimberly Cherry Seitz

"The Keeton’s make it very difficult to quit and difficult not to succeed. Everyone there becomes your 2nd family. It doesn’t matter what your athletic level is or how old you are, you can do martial arts. I highly suggest Tiger Rock as the place to go for a fun, family oriented experience."
-Jennifer McAllister

"We've joined the Tiger Rock's Family since 4 months ago, there's not one negative thing about this place and the staffs!!!
I would like to take this time to thank Mr. and Mrs. Keeton and other instructors and their lil assistants for giving my daughter lots of positive experiences since she joined the Tiger Rock's Family!!! She may progressed slowly than everyone else but she never disappointed me. Even surprised me with her stripes on her belt, I totally didn't expect she would get anything on her belt but she did since she's a "special" student!!! Not only the stripes, I even heard she could stand up for herself from school, that's my goal to have her joined Tiger Rock's Family. To build her confidence and strength!!! I'm very happy that she's treated the same like everyone else, thank you!!! Totally Recommended this place to Everyone, starting from age 4, can't wait for my younger one to join the Tiger Rock's Family too!!!"
-Jenny Wong

"At Tiger Rock Martial Arts, I have seen improvements in my three kids (8, 11, 13) in the way they interact with others, improvements in school, and themselves.
While classes, gear, weapon training, and tournaments aren't cheap for three kids, it is less than horse ridding lessons, dance, football/seasonal sport, gymnastics, boy/girl scouts times three and trying to get three kids to their events during the week.
There are a few things at Tiger Rock that puts things into focus. If you aren't pulling 80+ grades, you will be asked to leave. If you get a no change at testing, you get two private lessons and your next testing is free.

Watching my 8 year old daughter do a weapon free design, was rather impressive and watching my 11 year old daughter hold her own in the masters ring at tournament was also pretty cool."
-Billy Cole

"I am so happy my daughter is doing martial arts with Tiger Rock. It has be a joy to see how she has grown in confidence over the last year and a half. The belt increments are perfectly designed to encourage growth in skill and confidence. I highly recommend the program and these teachers!"
-Jennifer Foster

"You have to come out and try it! The Keetons and all of the instructors make this an awesome environment to come and learn new skills, make new friends and increase physical strength and endurance. Our family thoughly enjoy every class."
-Tracie Trac

"I can't say enough about this or the Keatons! Since my autistic grandson has been going to Taikwon Do we have seen vast improvement in his grades and behavior ! Most definitely recommend to anyone with a child with autism or ADHD ! Best thing we ever did!"
-Cindy Potts

"A fun place for kids, adults, and families. Great activity for all who want to get off their phone and into something meaningful on multiple levels."
-Ken Gordon

"So happy to have found this spot. My son and I love taking the family class together, along with our separate classes. Staff is INCREDIBLE and it's obvious they put their heart and soul into teaching. Love love love it!!"
-Kristy Geiger

"As an older client, Ms. Sipes works with me to obtain the most I can from the program. Love her. Thanks."
-Diane Loman

"Tiger Rock Of Central Pa. is an excellent learning center for Martial Arts, self defense and discipline for children through adulthood. They have excellent instructors and spend the time needed with those that require personal assistance and one on one teaching. This organization as made an excellent change in my grandchildren in the area of discipline and hard work to achieve goals they have set. I highly recommend this institution to all."
-Janelle Kayla Crossley

"Not enough nice words to say about the Keatons and their staff! My boys have are growing in confidence and humility both. And, they were having so much fun that I just had to join them."
-Mo Bollinger

"We love Tiger Rock! Our daughter has gained self confidence and improved her concentration. She's always excited to go to class and increase her skills. All the instructors are great!"
-Susan Lynne Miller Tomasic

"My kid had a great time!"
-Kimberly Gill Milazzo Boyer

"A great place to learn and have fun"
-Rudy Schaffer

"Can't say enough good things about Tiger Rock, and the Keetons. We have seen a huge improvement in our daughter's focus, work ethic, and coordination (). Would recommend this school to anyone!"
-Jacquie Kuhn

"There is no better place for your children or YOU! The Keetons host a fantastic family friendly supportive atmosphere for all ages 4+. Come and check it out."
-Christy Roth Musselman

"Fantastic organization with a focus on values like honesty and integrity. It is family run with a strong prescence in the community. My boys love it and I love the positive behaviors that are encouraged."
-Patty Harrington

"Tiger Rock has been an amazing from day one! The instructors really get to the kids level. You can tell each one of them enjoys what they do! They really helped my son come out of his shell!"
-Casselberry LC

"Great school with amazing instructors. Highly recommend."
-Ben Bollinger

"We love Tiger Rock! My son is a Tiger Cub and all the instructors are so patient. He is learning so much and loves coming!"
-Leah Marie

"Honestly....an awesome place with awesome people. Highly recommend."
-Nick Anderbery

"Our kids attended the black friday camp and they had a incredible time - thank you!!"
-Daniel Hemmerich

"A current martial arts curriculum for your entire family. A great place to build better discipline, focus and athleticism."
-Elyse Trilling Thibodeaux

"Tiger-Rock is awesome - with over 200 academies across the country, you never have to train alone!!!"
-Mark Hatchett

"Hard workers!! Really cares about the kids and the buisness!! Great place to go to!!"
-Nikki Miller

"Best Martial Arts in New Cumberland! Go check them out and join us on the mat!"
-Aaron TR Tuck

"Tiger rock is a cool place to meet new friends and have a good work out to!!"
-Amber Marie Foglesong

"Excellent academy with affordable training, and a strong sense of community!"
-Savanna Ryan

-Sheletha F. Howard

"I am so thankful that my soon to be 13 year old son recently started taking instruction from Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania."
-Ms. Clayton, New Cumberland, PA

"I am so pleased with how well Eric has done at your school. The physical skills will continue to develop, but what we are most proud of is how he has overcome so many anxieties and fears. A few of the mothers that attended the party yesterday know Eric from his pre-school days. They all commented that they couldn’t believe this was the same Eric they knew a couple of years ago. He has always exhibited leadership qualities and has always had a kind heart and looks out for other children, but he has NEVER wanted to participate in group activities that are competitive in nature. He also wouldn’t do things in big crowds (meaning anything over 4-5 kids). He has grown leaps and bounds since beginning at Tiger Rock. Thank you again for ALL that you have done. You are changing the lives of these kids, and all for the better."
-Belinda EnciniasSon, Eric, age 8

"I am so thankful that my soon to be 13 year old son recently started taking instruction from Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania. Prior to his involvement with Tiger-Rock I had tried everything I could think of to get him involved in sports activities to no avail! It seemed like it was going to be impossible to get him involved in something positive that would become an important part of his world, which is so critical at his age. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, even band…he just absolutely did not have any interest in latching on to anything. And since we are talking about wellness, from the perspective of a soon to be teenager, forget about eating right, taking care of your health and establishing goals! Wow, I have seen such a change in him as a result of his involvement in Tiger-Rock. Not only has he achieved his yellow belt, he’s also looking forward to the day he gets his black belt. Even more impressive, he is taking more interest in his health and actually beginning to think more carefully about what he eats and drinks (he’s now drinking water willingly without encouragement to do so)! From the very first day of his instruction, Brandon Keeton, his instructor has been working with him and the other students in his age group (there are adult classes as well) in developing good qualities through a fun and exciting art form. The lessons of the Taekwondo Tenets – honor, integrity, self-control, community, humility, courtesy, perseverance, courage, strength, and knowledge - are a part of every class. Not only are students encouraged to live by these Tenets, they are also encouraged to develop good eating habits, set goals to do their best, and to exercise academic effort."
-Ms. Clayton, New Cumberland PA


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