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"I am so thankful that my soon to be 13 year old son recently started taking instruction from Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania."

Ms. Clayton
New Cumberland, PA


"I am so pleased with how well Eric has done at your school. The physical skills will continue to develop, but what we are most proud of is how he has overcome so many anxieties and fears. A few of the mothers that attended the party yesterday know Eric from his pre-school days. They all commented that they couldn’t believe this was the same Eric they knew a couple of years ago. He has always exhibited leadership qualities and has always had a kind heart and looks out for other children, but he has NEVER wanted to participate in group activities that are competitive in nature. He also wouldn’t do things in big crowds (meaning anything over 4-5 kids). He has grown leaps and bounds since beginning at Tiger Rock. Thank you again for ALL that you have done. You are changing the lives of these kids, and all for the better."

Belinda EnciniasSon
Eric, age 8


"I am so thankful that my soon to be 13 year old son recently started taking instruction from Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Central Pennsylvania. Prior to his involvement with Tiger-Rock I had tried everything I could think of to get him involved in sports activities to no avail! It seemed like it was going to be impossible to get him involved in something positive that would become an important part of his world, which is so critical at his age. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, even band…he just absolutely did not have any interest in latching on to anything. And since we are talking about wellness, from the perspective of a soon to be teenager, forget about eating right, taking care of your health and establishing goals! Wow, I have seen such a change in him as a result of his involvement in Tiger-Rock. Not only has he achieved his yellow belt, he’s also looking forward to the day he gets his black belt. Even more impressive, he is taking more interest in his health and actually beginning to think more carefully about what he eats and drinks (he’s now drinking water willingly without encouragement to do so)! From the very first day of his instruction, Brandon Keeton, his instructor has been working with him and the other students in his age group (there are adult classes as well) in developing good qualities through a fun and exciting art form. The lessons of the Taekwondo Tenets – honor, integrity, self-control, community, humility, courtesy, perseverance, courage, strength, and knowledge - are a part of every class. Not only are students encouraged to live by these Tenets, they are also encouraged to develop good eating habits, set goals to do their best, and to exercise academic effort."

Ms. Clayton
New Cumberland PA


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